If you live in or near Philadelphia you know its a very special place.  We have so many wonderful towns with great food, fun, arts and more… There are a bunch of “news” networks out there to choose from specifically aimed at Philly (we know we read them ourselves) ,but we wanted to make something personal.  We also felt that it shouldn’t be focused on just Philadelphia proper but also the many areas surrounding Philly.  Ask anyone from Delaware, Chester or Montgomery counties where they are from and most of the time you will hear “I’m from Philly”.

As creators of this property, we have lived in this area over 50 years combined and have seen, felt, tasted and experienced so much of this region.  We want to share these experiences with you the readers in an honest and personal way.
You will find many topics here by not only the creators but also some well qualified writers who have experience in all of our categories.  We are so happy that you joined us and we hope that you will subscribe and follow our social feeds.  We think you will really like our jawns (Philly lingo).

-C and V