Welcome to PhillyReview.com!

We have a lot of great opportunities to get your brand in front of our readers.  Since we are a newer publication we can offer our sponsors a huge value for your investment including: Business spotlights, Social feed sponsorship, Embedded video, ad slots and much more.  We also have cross promotional opportunities available for the right businesses.

Why sponsor Philly Review?

  • FREE AD CREATIVE!  We have a guy who works here ready to turn your logo, images and links into an ad.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS.  We send your business ad to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.
  • SUPER VALUE.  We dare you to find better sponsorship pricing on such a high quality site with such a strong url.

If you are interested in banner sponsorship, here are the available spots and sizes on Philly Review.


These are the most prominent sponsorship spots and they show on every page. Top right spot in the header is 320 x 100.  The 2 squares in the sidebar are 200 x 200.  Visibility: On Mobile Devices this may not show.


Get the best value for one double height sidebar spot.  This combines the 200 x 200 ads to one giant 200 x 450 ad.  Visibility: On a Tablet this may condense into a pull out menu.  On a mobile phone, this moves towards the bottom.


These are shown on the home page only right above our Instagram feed. This ad is 725 x 90 but we can make this a bit wider if you like. Visibility: On a mobile phone, this moves towards the bottom and reduces size.


Full Site Sponsor- TAKE OVER ALL SPONSORSHIP SLOTS– All slots including 1,4,5 (only one Sponsor at a time)

In addition to website slots, Full Site Sponsors can expect mentions across our social media accounts and priority placement for events/news on the homepage.
Non-Profit: $800/month
Business: $1500/month

Event Posting – Special Events and Attractions Page
Community Events: Free (Our Discretion)
Non-Profit: $10
Business (For-profit): $65

Slot #1 or #2 or #3 (right sidebar & top on every page) 200 x 200 for sidebar OR 320 x 100 for top of page
Non-Profit: $15/month in rotation
Business (For-profit): $75/month in rotation

Slot #4 (take over Slot #2 and #3 on every page) 200 x 450 (Combines slots 2 and 3)
Community Events: Free
Non-Profit: $45/month in rotation
Business (For-profit): $125/month in rotation

Slot #5 (Bottom Leaderboard) 725 x 90 (Only shows on Home Page, there is no rotation so you own the spot. Only one at a time)

Non-Profit: $10/month in rotation
Business (For-profit): $65/month in rotation

Rotations to be capped at 4 sponsorships per location. Priority placement for existing sponsors – otherwise first come first served.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or if you have questions, please send us a quick message below